Beer Pong!

Updated: Mar 22

Players: 4+ | Drink: Any | Type: Social

Beer Pong is a popular game, known to be played in college dorms around the world! The game consists of two opposing teams, the players attempt to throw a ping pong ball across the table ensuring it lands in a cup of beer (or any alcohol of your choice) on the other side.


  • Once the teams have been arranged, pick one team to go first

  • A triangle of cups (10 or 15) is arranged in front of each team and an agreed amount of beer (or other alcoholic drink) is placed in each cup. Each team will also have another cup for personal use to rinse the ping pong ball.

  • The team to go first then each throws a ping pong ball towards their opponents cups. If one or both of the balls successfully land in an opposition team member’s cup, then an opposition team member must drink the contents of that cup and the cup is then removed from play.

  • The teams continue to take turns until the one team has eliminated all of the opposition team’s cups.

  • The winning team is the first to eliminate all of the opposition's cups. Further rounds of overtime can take place if the game draws, until a clear winner is found.

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